Legoooo-ooo ow ow ow ow!

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By: Sarah - Magical Star Blogger


If you have ever felt the excruciating pain of stepping on a Lego “brick”..... if you have found Legos in your children’s beds, in or under your couch, on your living room floor,  or even in your fridge (how the heck did that even happen?!?)...chances are, your kiddos love Legos as much as mine.  And they are gonna LOVE Leggo My Soap!  

A Riddle For You

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By: Sarah - Magical Star Blogger



I live all around your house, in your car, your purse, and your jacket pocket.  What am I?

LIP BALM!  Thank God for lip balm-moisturizing and rejuvenating cracked dry lips everywhere!

My recommendation-My Magical Star’s lip balm. It comes in a variety of flavors and is 100% natural and your lips love it!  Full of only the good stuff (read:  no icky, sticky,  goopy feel) to leave your lips smooth, silky, with a bit of a shine finish (read:  not girly gloss-my hubby and son love this!)


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By: Sarah - Magical Star Blogger
Did you know that one of the best times to apply lotion is after a shower?  Lotion locks in any moisture on your skin from your shower.  Moreover, damp skin absorbs lotion more easily.

How to Relax

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How To Relax

By: Sarah - Magical Star Blogger


The kids have been out of school for several days now due to snow and cabin fever is starting to set in.  Today was a particularly stressful day so I decided to Google ”how to relax.”

Here are some tips that I found:

*Do some slow, deep breathing exercises

*Take a warm bath

*Listen to relaxing music

Thank you Google for the amazing inspiration for a nice long soak in my tub with my new bath bomb from My Magical Star.  

Pucker Up for the Holidays!

Winter is coming!

Colder temperatures are upon us and that means-DRY WINTER AIR! Don't be caught under the mistletoe this holiday season with dry, cracking, peeling lips.

Protect your pucker with My Magical Star's lip balm with hydrating forces of coconut oil and shea butter.

Need a little exfoliation? Try a sugar lip scrub! All you have to do is gently buff your lips with the sugar, then wipe off and voila--silky smooth lips.

Bring on the mistletoe!

Top 4 Reasons To Try Sleepy Time/Monster Be Gone Spray

By: Sarah - Magical Star Blogger


  1. GUARANTEED to exterminate all monsters (even near sighted purple ones who can become invisible-just my kid?)!!  Monsters gone = kids asleep = parents asleep = CAN I GET AN AMEN?!? 


  1. Monster Be Gone is the Sandman’s Secret Elixir.  The spray is full of essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and orange to help your kids (or you) relax so they can drift off to a blissful sleep.


Magical Star and Fragrances

So I have been asked about how I go about picking out my fragrances for a soap, scrub, lotion or what have you. Let me tell you with over 200 scents to choose from it isn't an easy task! I try to keep up with the trends and make what people want. However I have noticed that here in Utah it isn't the same. In a November show I did last year I brought 66 different scents with me for our Build Your Own Lotion bar (this is where you pick the scent and we add it to our premade lotion base). I had a lot of seasonal ones plus favorites.

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